'I wish i had your skills then i would volunteer too'

'I wish i had your skills then i would volunteer too'
To this I say: If you can hand a thirsty person some water, If you can give a blanket to someone that is cold, If you can hold someone and console them while they are grieving or feed someone that is hungry...then you can volunteer anywhere.
Do this without discrimination of Race or Religion..then that is Humanity.

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Questions I have been asked about my TEDx Experience


•             How did the TEDx journey start for you?

It was midnight on the 24 of May 2018 When I received a message through my website and an email, from the organiser Tunteeya Yamaoka who invited me to come and speak at a TEDX event she was organising.  There was already a theme for the talk “creative change’ and she said “ Helen We would like to invite you to talk about your humanitarian work to inspire the Gold Coast community to make a difference’

•             How long did the process take from ‘Whoa to Go’ i.e. from applying to  speak at TEDx to actually delivering your Talk?

Tedx is not something you can apply for you need to be invited, it’s actually considered inappropriate to approach organisers.  So my first contact form the organiser was 24/05 and the actual TEDX talk happened on November 17.  Even though this seems lengthy it still felt like I was rushing at the last minute because you talk changes and evolves so much from the very beginning.

After agreeing to do the Tedx I was given a 2 week deadline to submit a pitch and then another 2 weeks to submit my talk.  These were reviewed to make sure it fit the theme.  Tedx gives the organisers a strict set of guidelines and timeframes to comply by in order for it to be an official TEDx event and all speakers were given deadlines to complete these by. 

•             How big the Red Speaking Dot and did you find it restricting?

The red dot seems big enough but I naturally when I get up and speak prefer to walk around and talk if I know the content, the red dot means you do have to stand still but you need to I guess with so many cameras on you and the space is limited on the stage.  I don’t think it was restricting really I just adapted to it.

•             Did you have access to the stage before the delivery, so that you could visualise yourself delivering the speech?

Yes the night before we did a dress rehearsal with the camera men and the microphone.  With public speaking at an event it is a good idea t look at the venue so you eliminate that stress.  It was only brief and it was my worst nightmare because I actually went blank and forgot my words and was suddenly distracted by the camera crew and audience

•             Did TEDx help with your visuals [slides]?

I created my slides they then went over them, they sent the TEDx logo to add to each slide and helped with a couple of pictures that were generic and I was not sure of copyright etc.  I also had to contact each photographer and photo journalist and get permission for every picture I used.  There is a very strict guideline to follow to keep within the TEDx rules.

•             How many times did you practice you speech before delivering it?

I practiced a lot! And I still made mistake son the night and forgot to say 3 key things that I was supposed to say but I had not notes to read off.  With the lead up I organised my colleagues at work to listen, I organised a NGO of MUMs 4 refugees to hold an afternoon tea, I had the Darwin Business and Professional group at a conference sit in my hotel room and be an audience.  Public speaking is not something that comes naturally to me and I get very nervous and often feel like I’m not conveying what I am meant to be saying or the key message is not coming across

•             Who did you practice with and what was the most helpful feedback you received?

Colleagues, friends, members of organisations, anyone who would listen I would run it by them to see if it made sense, feedback I received was that I tended to look down a lot, that I was rushing some points and needed to slow down, that I needed to change some parts to emphasize the message, that a slide didn’t reflect the message or correlate,

I had one quick session from a lady at bond university who I read the talk to off my paper, it was only the last 10 days that I finally gave the paper up and just spoke to the points and formed it that way because I couldn’t remember how I was reading it and just spoke to the main points and that in the end is how it came together, I was telling stories and the photos on the slides prompted me

•             Did your speaking skills improve as a result to delivering the TEDx Talk

 I think it was a challenge, and the more you get up and speak, the more you improve.  I think it really challenged me, I survived it! And proud that I didn’t forget it completely and go blank but I have gone over it and picked it to bits and found so many faults, so I would say yes it has helped me, has it made me a better speaker?  I think the only thing that will do that for me will be getting up more and more in front of a crowd and speaking.  It was an amazing experience and would love to have the chance to do one again and try and improve the last one.

TEDx Robina - Here is the link:   https://youtu.be/W_elAXlEwuk




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